About us

Hi all!

We have always loved travelling and as we have more time now we have been planning more extensive trips. We would like to fill you in on how we planned the trips,  what we enjoyed the most and what we would do differently. So, each trip report will have a “preliminary” with some info on how we planned the trip, the actual “route” we took and “conclusions” on how we would do a next trip differently.

By creating a blog we also get to enjoy travelling three times: once when planning, once on holiday and once when writing about it. So, 3 holidays for the price of one! What a luxury!

We will also have some pictures in separate files. These together with our notes may give you some ideas for your travels…

When travelling we are rather easy people – as we are at home –  and happy already biking in undulating countryside with beautiful grazing cows. Having a picnic of baguette with Comté cheese and a slice of tomato on the Pas de Mont Colomb makes us even happier! And we really feel in heaven after a day in the mountains and having a last peek through the window before falling asleep in a place like the refuge de Furfande…

But we are not travelling on a shoestring anymore: we do rent from time to time a small car and when possible, we prefer a bed under a roof to a tent. The roof doesn’t need to be luxurious, though. And as we are Belgians and our genes are of Burgundy descent: we of course like good food and a glass of wine with it!

Our bucket list for the coming years consists of mainly “active” holidays: cycling the Canal du Midi, doing some Great Walks in New Zealand, walking from Chamonix to Zermatt, walking the GR5 in the French Alps, trekking around the Manaslu in Nepal, cycling the Great Divide, but also enjoying classical music in Saintes, immersing ourselves for a couple of weeks in an interesting city, 2 weeks of jazz in Marciac……

We hope our notes can be of some help!

Happy travelling!

Joost and Kobi, not at home.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to mail joost.ameye@gmail.com

The trips we have done so far and we have written about:

1. Cycling along de Canal de Garonne and the Canal du Midi, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean

2. Cambodia: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

3. New Zealand: 2 months with some of the Great Walks

4. Cycling Normandy and Brittany: along la Velodyssee 

5. and La Vélo Francette

6.  Cycling de Tour du Luberon

7. Cycling from Royan to Bordeaux via Blaye 

8. La Flow Velo: a new cycling route we just discovered! And we just mention so you know!

9.  Hiking from Chamonix to Zermatt

10. Hiking in the Southern French Alps: The Queyras and the Mercantour: we wanted to share some of the walks we made over the years!

11. Nepal: Kathmandu – some impressions

12. Mountain biking  The Great Divide: from Banff to Steamboat Springs

Next on the agenda:

  • Manaslu trek in Nepal (delayed till November ’19)
  • The Andalucia trek: from the Meditterean to the Antlantic (partly done spring ’19)


Sra Sang